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Hi, we are Candyfloss. The Creative Agency from Chennai.

The Story.
A creative studio based out of Chennai-spinning ideas and thoughts rolled into each other one by one thus resulting in the good design and great brand experiences.
An advertising and branding specialist ensuring each part of your brand – big and small – is essential, and ties into a flexible, harmonious, and enduring system that works for you and your audience.
We spend a lot of time designing and creating awesome campaigns, all the way from rough sketch concept to final delivery.
We have a clientèle ranging varied from construction, to health care, educational institution, catering, sanitary ware and mirror, architecture, hospitals, and manufacturing companies.
  • Mr. Smithun - Manager (PepsiCo)

    Candyfloss worked together to help design beautiful stuff that met the needs of my teams and aesthetic design requirements of two different teams--which is no small feat. They took the vision of our business and has helped us by designing relevant, usable and productive creative. The level of communication and cooperation was above and beyond anything that we had experienced with their competitors.

  • Mrs. Kripa Dharmaraj - Founder & CEO

    Candyfloss team was engaged to create artwork for newspaper and facebook ads for our company. They were great to work with and interpreted our needs perfectly. They were willing to help in every way, developing professional and beautiful creative which showcases our company very well. Their ability to develop creative solutions to the functionality and promotions of our events made was a fantastic end result. Our company was impressed all around with their skills, customer service and attention to detail every step of the way. I highly recommend Candyfloss for all your design needs.

  • Proprietor - H. Muthu Munas

    Handling all creation and brand building activities for all their brands like Best baby, Bonafide, Shabubaby, Kutty Baby, Jore, Luckybaby and Kidsme. Right from promotions, banners, press ads, danglers and Social Media and website design for our company. They are one stop solutions for any brand or company which requires clear communication in all their promotions and events planned to suit their marketing goals. I highly recommend their service as an agency to everyone..

  • ZingPayy

    Their team has been very open in sharing their creative thoughts and inputs before arriving their visual identity. They worked hand in hand along with our wavelength to effectively create a communication design along with visual identity which was totally incredible, creative and unique. Their out of the box and conventional thinking has helped our organization solve practical issues in the most effective way possible. I would highly recommend Candyfloss as they are someone who provided consistent performance and managed to come up to all expectations.

Branding and Strategy

Old or new business, we can best articulate who you are, what you do, and most importantly, why any of it matters - beautifully

Web Design

Our interactive design approach focuses on usability, impact and achieving results.


We craft and create beautiful, engaging ad-campaigns for brand and clients across varied sectors.

Social Media

Our strategic approach designed and tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.

Team of talents.
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