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5 Top Reasons to Considering A Logo Redesign



5 Top Reasons to Considering A Logo Redesign

Am sure by now it’s not a rocket science to understand that why logo design is crucial to every aspect of business. With today’s marketing challenge with varied social and digital media platforms, logo design has become even more significant and is continuing it’s dominance in this time and age.

But if one has already a logo and settled nature of business, why should one consider to redesign, or shakeup something which has already been accepted and is in perspective from a long time?

To answer and simplify your thoughts I have come up with few simple reasons after doing my research in some of the sites. and 99designs.

#1. Business Has Expanded Or Changed

Even if your are an established company, what has worked for more than 20 or 25 years, may not work now, because,

  • Design trends have become neater, sleeker and simpler.
  • Make it look more relevant and less outdated
  • Adapt in various digital platforms

When Bajaj Auto announced that they are shifting to the fast lane with a smart, new logo after 34 years – a stylised ‘B’, it definitely grabbed attention. The white and blue reverse hexagonal symbol with Bajaj Auto in small lettering in the earlier logo was replaced by an open abstract form of stylized B or the ‘Flying B’ denoting speed.

#2. Product Offering Has Changed!

At the point when your product contributions expand, it might need to reflect in your logo too. Wipro has now changed its logo out of the blue since 1998. The new brand personality is about Wipro’s rise as a believed computerized change accomplice to new customers and old. Structured around the subject of ‘coming to an obvious conclusion the logo has four circles – where each represent

  • The organization’s qualities,
  • Representatives,
  • Customers/Accomplices and
  • Networks

The logo likewise represents its solid innovation legacy and abilities for the future with the extending design in the structure appearing without limits.

The logo likewise represents its solid innovation legacy and abilities for the future with the extending design in the structure appearing without limits.

#3. Entered Into A Merger!

A merger means fresh starts, extension and development. In such cases, personality of the organization is frequently patched up to be more in a state of harmony with the new brand positioning.

At the point when the ongoing merger between State Bank of India and 6 elements made SBI one of the world’s main 50 banks on the planet, a personality change was foreseen. What’s more, it for sure changed.

  • The long word structure was sliced short to a basic SBI with its mark blue keyhole symbol.
  • The monogram has been refined for more prominent lucidity and convenience and the blue shade made more splendid.
  • The new logo has been intended to guarantee consistency and review over all touch-focuses.
  • The redid logo is more in a state of harmony with the present age and innovation and shows SBI as a cutting edge, well informed bank which is quickly becoming computerized.

#4. Connect To A New Target Audience!

In the event that you play it right, your new logo will interface well to another group of onlookers while as yet keeping up existing client base. A rebranding signals that you are open for change to accommodate your client needs better. It can likewise assist you with reaching a more extensive gathering of people and re-target all the more proficiently the second time around.

At the point when the multi year old brand Godrej went for a makeover, it was a reviving change. The first renowned logo of Godrej was really its organizer’s signature and red in shading. It had now been changed to an energetic maroon, green and blue, making it increasingly contemporary and pertinent. The logo shading symbolizes restoration of the masterbrand and unites its quality in different business territories. The Company held the old logo style while including the sprinkle of hues, to keep up coherence of brand acknowledgment and sympathy.

The new logo re-design emphasizes the brand’s frame of mind as a dynamic, aggressive and creative organization that expects to remain in the core of each Indian family unit.

#5. New Competition!

Snapdeal went in for real brand redesign as a component of its rebranding exercise. Snapdeal had extreme challenge to look from both Amazon and Flipkart. Following a range of 6 years of teaching clients on the best way to purchase on the web, Snapdeal now felt the time had come to concentrate on building the brand.

  • The long standing logo shading palette of red and blue in Snapdeal logo was presently discarded and supplanted by a red vermelho shading.
  • The new logo with another slogan “Unpack Zindagi” was worked around the idea of giving better conveyance experience than purchasers and tries to influence an enthusiastic to interface with clients.

Snapdeal shares that its new logo is imagined from the point of view of the most joyful minute for an online purchaser.

When you are large and in charge and all of a sudden face new challenge, a brand redesign could have a significant effect – to remind clients what makes you the brand that you are. In any case, before you deconstruct the logo totally, consider the present plan components that speak to your image viably. Check which components are as yet significant and can be held. It could be explicit hues or a textual style type or a symbol.

Ready to redesign your logo?

Are still hesitant to update your logo, keep in mind, logos need to be updated every few years, lest they fail to be effective. This is a crucial part of developing a brand identity.

We’re happy to talk further about your objectives. Just contact us to set up a time to discuss a brand refresh or rebrand in more detail.

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