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Namma Bengaluru Get’s It’s Own Logo



Namma Bengaluru Get’s It’s Own Logo

As a part of my regular browsing hours, I hit upon an interesting topic and got lot of photographs and interesting information from different website about the topic, which are:- architecturaldigest, economictimes, karnataka, deccan chronicle, and innovation hub.

It was really interesting read to see how significant a logo design can get especially in INDIA, where most of things lands up on JUGAAAD. If you’re a Bengalurean, read this article and enjoy knowing your city.

Part English, part Kannada, 100% Namma Bengaluru! The city’s new logo was chosen by a panel of experts from a crowdsourcing contest organised by the Department of Tourism. The contest saw 1,350 entries and was unveiled at the Namma Bengaluru Habba—an open street festival—at the Vidhana Soudha by the Minister for Information Technology and Bio-Technology and Karnataka state tourism minister Priyank Kharge.

#1 Who Designed The Brand Bengaluru?

The rolling font was devised by bankers-turned-designers Rushi Patel and M Venkateswara Rao, founders of Nammur, a creative design start-up. ‘Be’ and ‘U‘ of the logo has been highlighted by using red colour. This mixed typography of two languages shows that the Silicon Valley of India is a city that is global as well as local in its culture and lifestyle. The creators of the logo say Bengaluru is a city that allows you to be you. This is the true spirit of the city; it does not try to mould a person according to itself. There is a separate only-Kannada logo.

#2 Day-Long Street Fest

Bengaluru logo was launched during Bengaluru Habba- a open street festival. The day-long street fest also had live performances by folk artists, story-telling sessions, interactive workshops and a flea market, with stalls displaying handicrafts, terracotta jewellery, herbal products, organic grains, including millets and a variety of food items.

#3. Signifying The Cosmopolitan Culture Of The City

Selected from 1,350 entries, the logo aims to signify Bengaluru’s cosmopolitan culture, a sense of belonging, 480-year history and futuristic outlook. IT-BT and tourism minister Priyank Kharge said the logo would be used to enhance tourism in Karnataka.

#4. Which Other Cities Have Their Own Logo?

With the logo design, Bengaluru is the first Indian city to get a logo for itself and joins top cities from around the world that already have logos. Case in point: Berlin, London, Venice, Prague, Montreal, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and of course, the most recognisable, New York City

#5. Conclusion

Thus an significant logo design really changes the overall time and space of the communication, gives a boost and elevates the entire atmosphere filled with newness, energy, liveliness a most important a facelift that really matters from start to end.

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