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9 Hottest Graphic Design Trends For 2019



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Hello Folks! As we all strive many a times to stay on top of the trend, one might feel such things already exists as trends are cyclic in nature or simply re-emerge in a more contemporary style! About this topic I came across some cool websites about like yesimadesigner, With so many cool trends evolving here are some Graphic Design Trends for 2019!

#1 Rise In Motion Design

A big rise of motion design which will be used for communication in illustrations, logos, websites, UI/UX and social media marketing!

#2 Anti-Gravity

The trend appears in packaging, presentation and give the product a whole different look and feel as though it has traveled from another world. Even for the viewer it’s a great transformation feeling to another world and for sure not only boosting curiosity but taking the same to another level. Anti-gravity as a concept will be seen a lot this year and leave the user enticed and jaw dropping.

#3 Augmented Reality

This is a term which we kept thinking that it’s yet to come or a passing fad, but it’s going to grow in a much faster pace, especially in the mobile arena

#4 Typography & 3D Design

An inspiring design trend for the year. The three-dimensional type add realistic feel and lifts off the canvas giving a feel of sign. These effects can be applied almost to anything with the help of design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It’s really a old style of creating type and has been around for a long time. But it’s starting to emerge as a hot option in digital design, much awaited thanks to augmented and virtual reality for the same.

#5 Alternative Art & Illustration Style

A recent change in illustration style that emphasizes the artistry behind it. We see more and more illustrations that are hand-drawn with techniques that uncover organic textures and the occasional stroke of a brush – a mix between spots of paint and freehand sketch. It’s a style that moves further away from the geometric and digital elements, and brings forward the abstract and the unconventional.

#6 Isometric Design

With Illustrations and art still being on the rise this year, isometric as a design will also continue to prevail. Many of us have seen this and but sure about the term. It communicates a lot more than usual image. And we have seen this as well in the past, but a truly luscious trend for the user in terms of digital gadget on the rise.

#7 Vivid, Fluid & Sliced Images

It’s the season along with culture changes for bold, vivid, fluid and sliced images in trend. Experimenting with bold and bright colour combinations! Pink colour will be very trendy! Bring a boring image into life with abstract style will be seen more in sliced image forms.

#8 Memphis

Sounds like a perfectly normal name for design movement and a trend. A perfect opposite of grids and the general norm of design. Abstract Patterns with more of 80’s influence of design and style. It has a playful and subtle look which is more for the young and cool nature audience, business or groups.

#9 The Color Of The Year 2019

Each year, there are designs inspired by the color of the year. Around the end of each year, the color dictator Pantone announces what the color of the next year would be. Naturally, this color makes it into all fields of graphic design industry including web design, package design, print design, etc.

For 2019, the color of the year is called Living Coral and it’s an energetic hue of coral with an undertone of golden.

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