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7 Hottest Logo Design Trends In 2019



Do you have a right logo for your business or brand? Or do you want to revamp old version? If yes, I can help you.

I was recently doing some research of some of the hop topics that are trending, I hit upon 3 really cool articles on the latest trends from GraphicMama, CrowdSpring, JustCreative

I have shortlisted my best bet tips below.

In this article you are going to get the Top Logo Design Trends for 2019.

#1. Gradients in Logo Design 2019

Remember when Instagram changed their logo two years ago and everyone was like… Really? A simple old-school gradient?

Well, it turned out Instagram were real trendsetters because ever since the web got flooded with gradients. Now, everybody is loving them (we know, you secretly do, too). Gradients have really proved as a steady graphic trend for the last couple of years. It’s no wonder that they have made their way to logo design, as well. See a few examples of this trend.

#2. Perspective-Play Logos

Playing with perspective is a great way to challenge the norms of traditional logo design.

Businesses looking to create a splash should consider logos that play visual games.

Distortion, fragmentation, warping, and visual breaks are all interesting ways to break the mold in an engaging way.

You can even alter the kerning or overemphasize certain elements to highlight specific qualities of your logo in an unexpected way.

Clever, tricky, and surprising, logos that play with perspective will provide a definite change of pace in 2019.

One way to be sure this style works for you is to ask your graphic designer to show you some mock-ups with your logo on items.

Many graphic designers are now providing mocked-up visuals of their logo designs on a t-shirt, business cards, stationery, web design, infographic, or wall signage in addition to their beautifully rendered design.

Mockups can be a great inspiration. These supplemental materials not only help clients see what the logo might look like in practice, but they can also be used to help influence a brand identity.

#3. Friendlier Geometrics

As mentioned in our Graphic Design Trends 2019 article, abstract geometry and shapes are a prevailing trend across the board. These “mathematical” shapes and imagery (including grids and straight lines) are ideal for recreating that futuristic, sci-fi look that’s popular on screens.

However, the style’s innate drawback is that it can come across as cold or oppressive. Designers are softening its appearance with warm / bright color palettes and the addition of curves to bring balance to logo compositions.

#4. Illustration As Letter Substitutes In Logotypes

Creative logotypes often include an illustration to replace a part of the word. This, in most cases, would be a letter or two. Of course, the illustration replacing the letters needs to remind about the letter itself and still be meaningful. Here are a few creative examples of illustrations in logotypes.

#6. The 80s-Inspired Logo

In fashion, there’s a commonly-held belief that what was once old is new again, and the same can be said for design trends. Much like big hair and shoulder pads, graphic design in the 80s was comprised of bold colors, striking patterns and a firm belief in maximalism. And in 2019, it’s back.

Lilli Collingwood, a creative consultant from Social Cut believes that the 80s are going to have a big moment in the design world this year. “I think that we’re recycling through the years and the 80’s hasn’t been explored again in recent years, so this might come back around in 2019.”

#7. Optical Illusions

One way to create an engaging logo is to make the viewer look twice. Optical illusions are becoming more popular in 2019, blurring the line between 2D and 3D. Designers manipulate perspective and shading for images that defy logic and increase their chances of getting remembered. This trend includes fragmented, bent, warped or visually broken “illusions”.

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