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Three Strong Pillars Of A Strong Brand



Though I have been working over the years as a Branding Specialist, coming up with something unique for so many clients across, it has been challenging for me personally. It’s definitely a term that leads to confusion over a number of times. Simply because of the following:
  1. It’s been told that the name, symbol or design is what differentiates your products or services from others.
  2. When your branding or idea or design is marketed so well that is recognized by a wide audience all around where you fetch the maximum visibility to your credit.

To me it’s simply is what people say, feel and speak about your business or brand.

To simplify this I have come up with the three pillars of Branding which will make everything really easier for anyone to understand as to what is branding? The three pillars to a brand is: Foundation, Identity, and Experience.

1. First Pillar for Branding – Foundation

One of the things that I really focus on before beginning a project is to clearly define and understand how to instill a uniqueness into your brand. We need to have a firm foundation for our brand with a clear mission statement and defining values.

A mission is about having a clear direction for your business.

We also need to keep in mind how the experience of transformation be met for clients. Also about the value the brand provides for others beyond it’s product or services. The more you act as a solvent to your target audience the solid you foundation has been laid.

2. Second Pillar for Branding – Identity


The most important aspects is the Second Pillar – Identity. My most favorite spot too. Your businesses first impression is your logo and it’s important to be the right one and the most capable making a memorable and lasting impact. The following factors to be considered are
  1. It has lots to do with the over all look and feel.
  2. It should begin with a purpose. It’s not enough to just have a good looking logo but also have to serve your business as much as possible.
  3. The logo should reflect all that you brand is all about. It should also carry a personality and style.
  4. The last but not the least is the color pallete and fonts. You need to make sure that your brand personality shines through the color choices you make.

3. Third Pillar – Experience

Finally, the third pillar is got to do with experience. This simply means that you need to
  1. Carry the consistency of your brand in every breadth of the way.
  2. The sameness has to be carried in terms of look and feel, fonts, colour, size.. etc.. and whatever it takes to achieve the same.
  3. The two most important platforms in today’s time is the website and social media where this has to to felt and experienced.

Branding is lot more than just design.

The Brand Experience is all about making sure your brand feels the same whenever people encounter it. And now, if you really want to know why branding is so important, please click on this link to know more:
I hope all are clear now about What is Branding and it’s three strong pillars which make the same.
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